Friday, January 30, 2009


i cut my baby's hair off today.


and after

here's an update on the crochet baby blanket i've been working on. it will be completed tonight. i am so excited. it will be the first item i successfully finished! and i am able to say it was done correctly!

and here is another blanket i've started. it will have 5 more panels just like this one. it's made from chenille and is sooooo soft.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Hey now I KNOW its a boy==the first pictures I would not have been sure. He sure is a cutie, no matter what!

Cassie J said...

Ok I was feeling a little sad of Bossy's haircut pic until I saw the last one, with his spunky new do and mischivieous grin!!!

Jennie said...

Boston's hair look so cute. Brandon spikes Lane's hair like that sometimes.

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Yay for finishing your baby crochet blanket! Did it rip your heart to cut his hair- the first time I cut my boys hair with their little duck curls I felt so sad. But they looked so grown up with their hair cut.

alisha said...

Bossy is SO adorable! Did his big brother spike his hair for him? Would be so cute if he did! But it's cute anyway! Even without the spike! Bossy is just adorable regardless! :)

Love the blankets too!

Danielle said...

Your crocheting is really coming along. You have gotten a lot further than I ever did! The blanket looks really nice and I bet the new one will be even better with the texture.
Also, loving Boston's new do. He's handsome as ever! What does he think of his new haircut?