Saturday, June 27, 2009


welp, bray is off to new york. mom and dad and kay are off to the grand canyon. tomorrow my sister, alisha, and her family are off to the beach. why didn't we get the memo that it was vacation week???

tonight we took the kids to watch some fireworks.

they seemed to enjoy it this year as opposed to last year when they would both scream every time one went off. we really had a nice family evening.

i wore this shirt tonight. i chopped off a tank and added some cool knit material i got when my girl, brandy, took me shopping at golden d'or on my birthday this year.

i really like the way it turned out. i'm hoping i don't look preggo in it. or like i'm wearing a maternity shirt. it's really comfy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009-06-23 bray's birthday!

ahhh! bray is off at camp this week. i miss him so much. and i really miss the fact that we are not together on his birthday. 14, yes i said FOURTEEN, years ago i was a so young and had no clue what was in store for us. but i gave birth to you and it's been an adventure ever since. you are so kind and gentle and caring. or at least you were until the teen hormones overtook you. but i still see all those attributes in you. they just take a little fanagiling to get to now. (can't wait for the hormones to bother someone else for a while! why oh why don't they make midol for boys?) no matter what, crazy hormones or not, you're the start of my life as a mother. you're the reason i'm a stay at home mom. you've been nothing but good for my heart and soul. i see so much potential in your future. i am so excited to see what you choose to do with your life. i pray that you always chose to keep God first in your life. and your mommy close to you always.

Monday, June 22, 2009

2009-06-22 menu planning monday

i'm a huge menu planner so i thought i would participate in menu planning monday over at i'm an organizing junkie's blog. it's a great way to see what others are eating for the week. also, it's an awesome way to share and try new of my favorite things to do!!!

monday: kid pleasin' spaghetti (i can't believe my daughter doesn't like spaghetti. i'm on a mission to show her she's wrong!)

tuesday: chicken vermicelli

wednesday: out to eat!

thursday: cavatini (will post pictures and recipe after i make it)

friday: grilled chicken burgers

Sunday, June 21, 2009


indyanna thought it would be a great idea to make breakfast for daddy this morning.

she scrambled the eggs (and added 4 heaping handfuls of cheese to the eggs)

she buttered the waffles (hopefully none of daddy's arteries got clogged)

she did such a great job. she sure was proud of herself. daddy thought it was delicious. (he was def still asleep when she brought in the breakfast)

in other news, our church sent over 80 kids to sr. camp this year! please be in prayer for traveling mercies and for the Lord to really move in the hearts of the kids this week. (my dad's driving this bus)

and i made this tie skirt for my little sister, kaylee. she really wanted to have it at camp. i finished it this morning. i'm so glad it fit! i think she and i, both, would have been crushed if it didn't fit properly. thank goodness it did. whew.

made these for (follow me here) my sister's mother-in-law to give to her nephew and soon to be wife at their wedding shower. they're pillowcases.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


oh today was the BOMB baby! a sewer's delight. i went to martha's sewing market. it really was great! i did alot of looking and dreaming and idea-getting. did i mention it was awesome?

i bought this magazine because i am going to make the outfit on the cover for indyanana.

i bought this cutting line designs pattern. i'm going to make the duster. obviously, i'm short so i'll make it hip length--i think. i do know that i saw this pattern made up and it looks really nice. so, i thought for $5 i had to get it!

and the last thing i bought was the pattern for the sara satchel. unfortunately, i think i paid for the pattern and then forgot to pick it up and put it in my bag because i came home without it. i'm so sad. i called the shop and left a message with them explaining what i thought might have happened. hopefully they will find the extra pattern lying around and send it my way.

i loved the sewing expo and i cannot wait to go again next year. the highlight of my day though, was when i saw sue hausmann of american sews with sue hausmann. i SOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to get a picture with her. but guess what i forgot. ya. my camera. see? now, i HAVE to go next year. have to get that picture.

Friday, June 19, 2009


beyonce ain't got nothin' on indyanna! (doesn't boston make a GREAT backup singer/dancer?)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


sew, today i stopped by a yard sale and SCORE! there were crafty things there along with fabric!!!!

while there, i noticed a box full of fabric paint for $2. of course i had to get it.

now what am i gonna do with all that fabric paint? nothing. i'm definitely not a painter.

but my kids are!!!

as proof of their painting skills, and maybe to brag a little too, here are just a few of their masterpieces.

i can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


i am not cut out for storms. i'm just not. i've been up half the night. i wish i were the type that could sleep right through the storms. but, i'm not. tonight, the thunder is loud and the lightening is blinding! and constant. i've decided tonight, that, my bedroom definitely needs curtains. mini-blinds are not enough.

i have to place my faith and trust in God that whatever happens is His will. and He will not give me more than i can handle. my heart and brain are on board with this. but for some reason my stomach is not......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sew, my little girl is a crafty one already. i dare say, i think she will totally pass me up in the crafting arena. last night she got out her supplies: plastic canvas shaped butterfly, plastic canvas shaped flowers, and some sparkle-y goop that came in a kit.

here she is working hard on her creations.

and her finished product. (the butterfly is not finished yet. lots of details, ya know...)

ahhh! summertime! i love it! and so does she. one of my favorite pictures from the splash pad today

Saturday, June 6, 2009


my sister got into townview high school, specifically the school for the talented and gifted. it's the #2 school in the nation. not only did she get into this school, her two best friends, hannah and brittney, did as well! and bonus--another really good friend from church got in too! we're all really excited and proud of them all! we decided to throw them a surprise "NERD" party in their honor last night.

THE NERDS! my sister, kaylee, is the one in the front cheesin' it up with the braces. my other sister, alisha, made the shirts. they say, "i'm dorkier than a box of nerds"

my mom bought little canvas bags and i embroidered on them.

we had the party at hannah's house. i used to do photography and i've done photos of hannah's family several times. they just moved and i was super excited to see that they had a bunch of pictures i took of them hung up in their new house.

in other news. my cousin, brandon, graduated from high school and is off to college this fall. my aunt bought a set of red towels and a set of black towels and asked me to embroider his initials on them. i think they turned out decent. i will say that i learned lots of lessons with this project! 1.) don't ever brag that you've never embroidered your project to itself. cause, sure enough, as soon as you say that--it will happen. 2.) on important gift type projects that you are being supplied the materials, don't bump your machine! even accidentally it's just not a good idea. i did great on the red set and then when it came to the black set i messed up on all three towels and had to go buy a whole 'nother set. refer to lessons i learned above for reasons why.

my oldest, bray, turns 14 in a few days. he's full of teenage hormones and thinking about what he'll get for his first car. today, we found it!

ha! my sister's husband works for little caesars and this his company car. i think it's the coolest thing ever. so cute!