Thursday, January 15, 2009


well, i finished the knit dress and jacket. it's really really cute. unfortunately it's about 2 sizes too small and really sucks to my gut. it's not flattering at all. i guess i can either lose weight or make another dress in a bigger size? i'll prolly do the latter. it's such an easy pattern and whips up in under an hour---that's sewing time AND cutting time.

(excuse the picture quality. you take what you get when you have children taking the pictures for you)

isn't the fabric cute? the dress fabric is just ridiculously awesome. my cuz cassie gave to me at christmas time. the jacket material is actually a loose woven sweater knit i got for $.99 a yard about 2 years ago.

btw, the sweater is not uneven on the ends. guess it's just the way i threw it on at the time. oh! and don't you just love the matching green socks?!?!?


alisha said...

I totally noticed the socks right away! hehe

I think it looks great! I really need to make some of those for myself. Can I have the pattern for my size? Although I'm not sure what my size is anymore... And I may as well wait because my size is going to keep going down for a while!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Cute pattern! Like how you color coordinated the dress, jacket and SOCKS! LOL
I know what you mean about the pattern size--not in your case but in mine. It never fails, I make something for myself, swear up and down I've made all the correct alterations to meet my measurements and by the time it is finished (my stuff is ALWAYS finished LAST) it is either too small or too big! But take the plunge with the rest of us trying to lose weight at the beginning of the year! Lose weight while you quilt! Now there's a saying for you! Maybe I'l make it my new Slogan for 2009! Afterall, when I get involved in crafting and quilting, I don't think about eating. So maybe its worth a shot. Think I'll try it out on all those at the YCMT and calendar quilt and rainbow quilt sampler swap blogs and see how many I can get to join with me on this new venture! LOL
The dress looks good-and from the pic it isn't as noticeable as it feels that it is clinging to the middle.

Eriksgirl said...

Holly, the dress is just awesome. Really awesome. I don't think the dress looks too tight at all. The fabric is just awesome, and it looks so great sewn into that pattern. You go girl, and wear it proud, because it looks great!

Cassie J said...

I agree in this photo the dress does not look to small so you must be looking at it from a different angle? I'm going back to the place where I got the fabric on Friday. I think they had the same fabric in pink/purple. 60 inch wide for .99 a yard want me to pick up some more?