Saturday, June 28, 2008

2008-06-28 cover up shirt things

i made these little cover up/shirt type things today. to be fair i made the blue and brown one about 2 weeks ago. the others i made today. and i am about to make one more before i go to bed. i made these for camping! we're going this week and it's gonna be hot out there. these are gonna be my lifesavers out there in that heat. i just know it.

i actually wore the following pictured blue and brown one to the store earlier this week and no one looked at me like i was a hooch so i though it must look ok on me! yay

Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008-06-26 completed cargo shorts

the stinkin' shorts are D-O-N-E. and the crappy thing is that they're WAY too big. i just don't get patterns. for the most part the puportions are just...just....i don't know. barbie purpotions or something. anyways, i purposely made the shorts on the bigger side. i thought too big is better than too small. let's see....ryan has gained about 35-40 lbs since we've been together. 10 years now. actually 11. i think. anyways, in another 10 years---maybe 15--- he'll be able to wear them!

the pattern i used was simplicity 3891. they were pretty easy to make. but there's alot of pockets. alot. so that's kinda tedious.

in progress. the markings on the shorts are the pattern piece numbers. i write them on each piece with chalk.

finished front of cargo shorts (yes i realize the left leg is a longer than the right leg. but i'm not gonna fix them until ryan can actually wear them)

finished back of cargo shorts

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2008-06-25 cargo shorts

my cousin, jennie, once warned me about trying to make a pair of men's shorts.

i now know why.

pictures to come---sometime soon. maybe.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008-06-18 shoes

i made these shoes from another favorite things pattern. it was pretty easy. somehow i made the shoes a touch to small for indyanna to wear. i tried to put them in with her doll clothes this morning but she told me they were too big for her dollies. she said we could keep them for when sarah comes over and wants to play dress up. i thought that was cute. too bad that sarah's feet are prolly bigger than nanny's!!!

it called for tht cute little pajama footie stuff. first time i've ever used it and i really liked it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008/06/17 playing catch up

my plan is that i will post pictures and descriptions of each "thing" i make. but for now i guess i'll show some of the stuff i have laying around here in my craft room.

i just finished this bag tonight! i love it. it's my new bag for beatrice. she's my pretty new laptop--and i love her! i bought the material some time ago with intentions of possibly maybe making a quilt for ryan. ya. i found out rather quickly that quilt makin' just ain't my thing. so the fabric has laid there nice and quietly in my stash just waiting for the perfect moment to scream "use me, USE ME!" well, beautiful fishy fabric, i heard you! and might i add, that you screamed at just the right time. for, you make a beautiful laptop bag for beatrice. not that bea ever goes anywhere.........but when she does, y'all better watch out!

a side view. please ignore any ugly-ish stitching you might see (cough, cough) oh and i made the dress too. full picture of the dress, minus the laptop bag, in just a second.

inside lining and two pockets--one's a zipper pocket. yep. a zipper!

and beatrice. all tucked in and snuggling comfortably in her new bag.

here's the dress. my aunt asked me to make it for her. she chose the material and pattern. it had alot of pieces and i was intimidated. but when i finally got going on this sucker it wasn't so bad after all. i did wind up having issue with the belt but i think i have it all figured out. now, i'm just praying it will fit her!

a purse i made about a month ago. i like it but it's a little too small. it's a favorite things pattern. i altered it a little bit by sewing up the sides some. i found that all my credit cards and stuff fell out if i didn't. if i ever make this pattern again, i will def have more alterations to do to it first. but, i doubt i'll ever do this one again. it was kinda hard and tedious. not worth the results in my opinion.


back side of purse. i was really tired of sewing this thing by the time i finished it. it has a pocket on the front and back. 2 or maybe 3 on the inside. a bunch of credit card slots. oh, and a zippered pocket.

practice pettiskirt. totally not hemmed. totally not an completed project. strings are everywhere. my serger did not want to cut this material and kept messing up on me. i might need a new blade. but anyways, the serger really did a number on the yoke. so much so that i had cut most of it off. so the yoke is about half as short as it should be. this is a you can make this pattern. the pink thing under it is another outfit i made for indyanna. one day when i take the pettiskirt off of the manniquin, i'll snap a picture of the pink thing and show it as well.

indyanna wore it for a total 3 minutes. she liked the twirlability of it but at the time she was playing pirate and it didn't really go with the theme. ignore diaper on the floor. it's a clean one at least! for that matter, ignore anything in the background of any of the pictures from now on--that's an order)


so, this here little blog will be used to archive my sewing projects and adventures. i'm not a perfect seamstress by far. but i try and with each day i think i'm getting better!