Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009-03-28 plan of atack

i have things that desperately need to be done! and some things need to be done SOON.

1. DONE! indyanna's birthday dress. needs to be able to wear it to school on thursday. 04-01

2. DONE! boston and indyanna's easter baskets. 04-11

3. indyanna's easter dress. she has a dress ready to go, but it's a bit short! so i am going to try to make her another dress if time permits. 04-11

4. bella's birthday outfit. (no link to a picture since i want it to be a surprise!)04-25

5. DONE & DONE! aprons for my church's mother/daughter banquet 05-02

6. embroidered kitchen towels for mother/daughter banquet 05/02

things i can't wait to do!

1. fabric grocery bags

2. knitters delight did this shirt and it's AWESOME. i bought the pattern today. my friend, brandy, bought me the best fabric for it a few weekends ago. i just need time to sew it.

3. and this dress. wow. i love it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


happy st. patrick's day.

i'm working to finish the quilt i am making for my cousin's baby. i'm on step 10 of the ycmt quilt. this was my attempt at quilting. not the best job. but it works.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


here's the finished pillow i made for my mother-in-law for her birthday.

she and i went to blue mesa this morning for brunch. ugh. i'm still waddling 8 hours later. i ate way too much. the 30 day shred is gonna kill me tonight.

Friday, March 13, 2009


i finally finished something! i feel like i've been in a rut over this one shirt. the pattern was not written well and the pictures were even worse. although, now that i've made it once, it will be very easy to replicate using my own instructions.

wanna see some dancin'?

what about some serious booty shakin'?

Monday, March 9, 2009


yesterday my husband taught our daughter how to climb trees. she LOVES it and has been asking, no begging, me to let her go outside to climb trees this morning.

a wider view so you can tell just how high up she is. daddy had to help her up into the this tree.

this one she can get into on her own

and of course baby brother had to get in on the action. although, once up in the tree, he didn't like it too much and wanted to get down immediately.

Friday, March 6, 2009


made these for my sister's mother in law. she's a sweet lady. everyone calls her "Z" so that's what i embroidered on the towels. alisha is going to put bias tape around the edges then give them to her for her birthday next week.

(i haven't cut all the strings and gotten rid of the placement markings on these projects yet)

and then this is kind of a trial and error towel. i used the letter from the ycmt personalized pillow letter set.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my cousin cassie sent me this awesome purse today. i love it so much. she's the best.

she also sent me a really cool card. you can see it on her blog. it's the first one--the bird card! it's adorable.

i haven't really been sewing lately. but i have been cutting out patterns. i've cut out about 6 or so. and now i'm officially ready to start sewing! yay me. very soon i will have lots of things to share.

my sister taught me how to make loopy bows this weekend. not a great picture, but here's one of them.

and here is what i'm working on for my mother in law. i am making it for her birthday. (she and i share the same birthday) we're not getting together until the 15th so it will be done by then! it's going to be a pillow and the flowery material in the picture is the back and edges of the pillow. anyways, i actually embroidered this using my machine! i love my machine!!!!