Sunday, January 24, 2010


yesterday was my baby boy boston's 4th birthday! he's getting so big! this is a shirt that i repurposed for him. it was originally a shirt that his older brother had outgrown. btw, the shirt says, "i tried to be good but i got bored." i think that says it perfectly for both of my boys!

here's another little dress that i made for indyanna. i have discovered that i love cutting things apart and then putting them back together in a different way. this was made from 2 adult shirts and one kiddie shirt.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010-01-20 CRAFT-A-LONG Part 2

ok! so here is my cut material and my wreath which, btw, i purchased at joann's last year.

STEP 3: Prepare to Poke the Material into the Wreath

get a square of your material, right side up. put the tip of a pencil into the middle of the right side of the material. dip the wrong side into some glue. (i used mod podge).

STEP 4: Poke the Material into the Wreath

stab that pencil--with material and glue on it--into the wreath. place them pretty close to each other so it looks really full and pretty!

here's how far along i am with my wreath. btw, this is half of a piece of material that measured 5/8 of a yard.

Monday, January 18, 2010


how are you doing on your craft-a-long? got all your supplies and fabric cut out? i'm working on cutting out fabric today and will post part 2 either tonight or tomorrow morning!

in other news, i made indyanna a dress today. it's way long so she said she's gonna use it as a nightgown. it was made using 3 shirts (thank you cuz cassie) and lil blue boo's pattern--the sienna dress.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


the pattern for this purse is No. 108 The Abigail Bag. it was fairly easy to do. my non-professional, official rating of this pattern is: intermediate. (it has a lot of steps to keep track of) with that said, i think it's the cutest purse in world! i finally finished it last night and i must say that i super puffy heart L-O-V-E my new bag! i just love the material i chose (ikea).

look, close! that's a zipper back there.

love the details like the green rings

and the turn lock for the closure. OH OH OH! and the "H" i embroidered on the flap.

pockets for the inside. and what's that? yep! another zipper!

oh, and i still hate--WITH.EVERY.OUNCE.OF.MY.BEING--bias tape. i broke approximately 8 to 12 needles sewing that junk around the top of the bag.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010-01-11 CRAFT-A-LONG Part 1

For this craft-a-long we are going to do Little Birdie Secrets' Easy Valentine's Wreath.

I know you can just go to her site and follow the directions there but, I've decided to do this one because it is easy and everyone can get the "gist" of what a craft-a-long is all about. This craft-a-long is intended for family and friends of mine that are too busy/too far to get together on a regular basis. This way, we can still craft together via the internet.

so let's get going!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Scraps of fabric (prolly needs to be valentine-y in color since this is a valentine's wreath....but you could do your own thing too.)

Elmers glue or Tacky Glue

Styrofoam Heart



Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

You need to cut your scrap fabric into 2 inch squares. I am going to start with cutting one full yard of fabric. As the craft continues, if I need more fabric, I will cut more. You do the same. :)

Now, get to crafting! I will post the next step in a couple of days.

Post pics of your steps on your blog if you want. (I would really like that!)

Friday, January 1, 2010


so the story behind the video in my last post is this:

i gave indyanna a special present for christmas just from me. it was a little singer zig zag machine designed for ages 6+. she finally got to use it yesterday. she decided to make a bookmark. she got a piece of green felt material and then layered a piece of pink sparkly material on top. then she just sewed around the edges--wrong sides together. (i didn't tell her to do right sides together...i just let her be)

anyways, this machine is a piece of junk! the stitches come out no matter what you do. it was just poorly made. the presser food is plastic and jiggles around and the needle hits it. it's just bad. and again, the worst part is, that after she sews on it the stitches come out. they do not lock into place since there is no bobbin. i was so mad at this machine that i sent a strongly worded email to last night. for $20 more i could have gotten my child a "real" machine, albeit a bottom line walmart machine. unfortunately, i threw the box away and i can't return the stupid thing now.

so last night after she made her bookmark and then realized that the stitches where coming out i let her use my bernina. she did great! i am so proud of her!

in this pic the white stitches were made with her machine which, you can see sitting next to her. she went around the edges again with my machine but i did not take picture of the end results since she used a thread that matched and you couldn't see it anyways.