Wednesday, January 14, 2009


here's the crocheted hat i am working on. it's ok.

i went to a crochet and knitting meet up last night. i learned ALOT in just an hour and half. i feel tons more confident in my crochet work now. enough that i started another project. it will be a dish cloth.

and in food news......i ran across a blog that does mtm's. a.k.a muffin tin monday's. i've decided to incorporate this into our weekly lunches. i didn't do it on monday this week cause we were all getting over a stomach bug and lunch needed to be very light.

1st row: crackers with jelly, eggs, eggs, peas
2nd row: chicken sticks, tuna quesadilla, bacon, turkey breast lunch meat
3rd row: cinnamon graham cracker sticks, applesauce, apples, mushrooms

i am excited to report that boston and indyanna ate it up! boston is an excellent eater and will eat anything. indyanna, on the other hand, is the pickiest eater i've ever known. i am very happy to report that she ate everything except the peas! i guess presentation IS everything.........or at least a big part of it today.


alisha said...

Okay. Indyanna and Demi are the same when it comes to eating- so fill me in! Was this whole thing for Nanny and Bossy to share, or did they each have one? Very very interesting...

Eriksgirl said...

Awesome Holly! I can't believe how great you are getting at crocheting! You go girl!

Cassie J said...

what a cool idea!!!!