Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009-01-07 nanny's coat

this may be THE project of projects for me. at least it has been thus far. well, aside from that purse that took me forever to make. but we're not talking about that. we're talking about this:

it's the coolest, cutest, most rockin'est coat i made for indyanna. it a combo of views b and d from mccall's 5743. basically, i made view d but add the hood from view b. it's meant to be made out of fleece. but silly me forgot to pick up fleece while at the store. so i went rooting around in my stash and found this awesome woven piece of material that my cuz cassie had given me a year or so ago. i have to put the buttons on it and it'll have to go to aunt jawana's or aunt brandy's for buttonholes but, other than that, it's finished.

my machine has decided that it no longer wants to do buttonholes. period. end of subject. i can't wait for that bernina i'm gonna get SOON.

here's the lazy, lazy, laziest of all dogs that ate my banana bread this morning. she had to nap after eating all that yummy deliciousness. she's too spoiled to sleep directly on the floor. the kids made a bed up for her. usually she sleeps on the couch. all. day. long. i think it's funny how they gave her a pillow for her head and her butt.


Melanie said...

cute coat and I'm still laughing about the butt pillow.

alisha said...

I really need to see the coat ON Indyanna!

HILARIOUS butt pillow!

Cassie J said...

love, love, love the coat. great fabric :-) My heart melted over the love reading the love from the kids for lazy daisy.