Monday, January 12, 2009

2009-01-12 janurary's list

things i would like to complete by the end of january:

1. knit dress and jacket, view A and D
2. car organizer
3. bath mat
4. attempt #2 at crocheting. crochet hat it looks like what's on the cover. you crochet it flat and then slip stitch it together to form the circle. *btw, attempt #1 did not work out. i put the project down. i realized that the yarn wasn't the right type and the crochet hook is not the right size. so i'm just gonna pull it all out and use the yarn for something else. i am not ready to give up on crocheting yet.
5. start and be at least half way done with indyanna's valentine dress, view C
6. quilt sew along
7. ornaments


Sandy Jenney said...

I wanted to thank you for bringing to my attention the problem with finding the slim storage unit on my blog. Look at it again, I found an alternative...will still keep looking for what I have though.

alisha said...

I really need to start a list like this! Especially since I still haven't sewn this year!

Kim said...

Hi Holly!
What a fun blog you've got. I like the dress you made! I'm excited to see how your quilt is coming along, too! Thanks for being a part of the "Make it up as I go along" quilt challenge.

Kim :)