Sunday, March 28, 2010


made this for my girl, brandy. she's expecting a precious gift from God any day now. this is really a pre-gift. i haven't finished the real gift, a diaper bag made from the red brocade on the burp cloth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i saw this project on a super dee duper website, knock off wood.

i decided to have lowe's cut my wood in half, making them each 4 ft long. i also did not paint anything. just left it natural wood color.

love the end result!

Friday, March 19, 2010


wondering where i have been? well, i've been around. just focusing on a couple of other things right now.....

first of all, i am now a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and i couldn't be more happy!

secondly, i have been redoing furniture in our house. i got these ugly chairs from a yard sale last summer.

they have been hiding in our garage until this week when i decided to attack them with a fresh coat of paint and new material for the seat cushion.

i did all of it by myself! yay me!

now to finish the other 5...

and, i will be sewing this week cause i have to get something done by the 27th. nothing like waiting till the last minute.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


this past weekend, i went to my first ever sewing retreat. it was great! unfortunately, i didn't get many pictures because my camera battery is acting up. and yes, i took the charger. it's just not holding a charge anymore.

the place was in the middle of nowhere. right in the middle of austin and san antonio. 50 miles from each (and the nearest wal-mart, i might add. not that i left the house to find out. i just asked the owner).

we headed down to austin friday morning and stopped at cousin cassie's house and then on to magnolia for lunch. it was really good. then off to the retreat.

we unloaded. sewed a bit. and then it was time for an amazing dinner. our hostess, ann, from the austin stitching studio cooked all of our meals. they were all so yummy!

most of us retired to bed that night kinda early, like by 9pm. the next morning we were all up by 6am ready to sew! and sew we did! unless you were like me, and spent all of your time cutting out patterns...........

mom and i stayed up till midnight. she decided to make a bag and was determined to get it on "the finished board". and she did! it's the cutest purse ever.

we are talking more retreats soon. we had a great time. i really think we would like to do this once a month. of course i can't, with the kiddos and whatnot. but i can pick and choose. and some retreat areas are pretty close! so maybe i could just go for the day? like the one in cedar hill. or there are a couple in granbury too....

anyways, here are a couple of not very good pics of the inside of the retreat.