Saturday, January 3, 2009


day 3 of crocheting. and actually, i think i'm starting to like it. i'm def getting the hang of it therefore, i'm not as bored/stressed/irritated with it as i was on day one.

it now measures a full 9 inches. only 17 more to go. i know it's totally wonky. i can't really figure out why. i know i'm doing something wrong on the ends. i just don't know what. i'm hoping that i will figure it out before i finish the thing. if not, it'll be ok. i'm sure as i do more and more projects i'll figure things out and work out the kinks.

after i complete this cowl, i'm going to attempt a scarf. i think.

i don't know what i was thinking but i totally forgot to take pictures of the pillowcases i made for bray, kay, and my mom and i also forgot to take pictures of the outfits i made for my two nieces. i'll have to take some pictures of the pillowcases tomorrow and hopefully i will get some pictures of the girls modeling the outfits soon. i did have to redo demi's pants cause i made them too long. they originally had one ruffle and were cut up on one side. i chopped all that off and added three ruffles to the bottom of the pants. here they are revamped and ready to wear.

i think they turned out cute. actually, they were the pants that almost didn't happen. first i made them too long. then when i cut them off the pants legs were to wide for my ruffles. so i had to fix that. then when i went to attach the ruffles to the pants i wasn't paying attention and attached them wrong side to right side. uuuuuuugh. anyways, i fixed it all and they are done now.

on to the next project. something for ME!

here's a list of the things i will be working on next.

1. something made from knit for me.
2. indyanna's valentine dress (she's going to a daddy/daughter dance!)
3. quilt follow along with the ycmt blog
4. continue working on the crochet project


alisha said...

Very cool! Can't wait to get Demi's pants! Will definitely take pics to send your way!

Jennie said...

I don't crochet, but I do knit. The reason it is wonky is most likely do to the variability in the tightness of your stitches. That should even out over time. Scarfs are excellent to practice different stitch techniques and to get the right tension on your yarn.