Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009-01-06 part 2

here are all the ingredients for our dinner tonight.

we had lemon pepper seasoned talapia served over a bed of rice. mangoes. broccoli. and mac n cheese.

ignore the package of choc chip muffins in the picture. i didn't make them.

you might have noticed the almost/on the verge of being yucky bananas that don't look too appealing (ha--get it!) in the midst of all the ingredients, though. they were for the homemade banana bread i made! yummmmmo.

you can't tell that i love and use this recipe all the time, can you?

my cuz cassie gave me this awesome collection of recipes 13 years ago. in it there are family recipes and other assorted recipes. she typed them all out and put them in a three ring binder. it's one of my most cherished positions. that book taught me how to cook! well.......that book and alot of calling relatives to figure out what i was doing wrong. (heck i still do that. i called my mom tonight asking how to cook the talapia. she said cook it till it flakes. i said ok. and commenced to cooking. i called her back about 30 minutes later asking what "flakes" means! LOL)

oh my goodness, i just took the bread out of the oven--literally. and it smells goooooood.

in non-food and more crafty related news, we have decided to recover our nasty kitchen table chairs. seriously, they were gross. and people didn't want to sit on them even when i said, "it's dry! i promise nothing will get on you if you sit there!"


ryan stapling

finished covering

and the chair back together.

we only got one done tonight. that's ok. if we do one a night we'll be done with the whole set in a week. to me that's progress. sweet.

UPDATE ON THE BANANA BREAD i got one small slice last night and it was deelish. so good and moist. i left it on the counter. this morning while we were all gone dropping off bray at school, apparently the dog thought it was good too.


alisha said...

That looked like a lot of ingredients! Sounds good. How was the dinner, anyways? How long did it take? I think we need that. But without the highly fattening mac & chee. Maybe broc and carrots and aspargus! Please send the recipe!

I think the chair turned out great. I really like it. I need to get to work on sanding mine, so I can stain them, then recover them! I think I'm going to do something green and purple for mine. We'll see though!


Danielle said...

Sounds like you have really hit the new year running...as usual! :) Wish I had taken to crochet when I was younger but am happy to be a quilter now.
Your dinner sounds great and gave me some ideas as I just took out some talapia as well. Not really a fish person but trying to be better.
Love your chairs and think its great that you are working on them together. Miss you guys.

Cassie J said...

Cute chairs, smart dog! I made copies of the recipes when I made you your book and put them in a binder as well and I must say I turn to it often. Wow how time flies....13 years, yikes! What did you do with the mango's? Love them and always enjoy them when dining out but never use them at home. Also on the Talpia one of my favorie things is to spray both sides with "I can't believe it's butter" then sprinkle with any kind of southwest seasoning and sat^e in a nonstick pan. Usually 3minutes per side if they are not overly thick this makes them really moist and flavorful. Yummy.