Sunday, January 4, 2009


i seriously apologize for the horrible pictures. it's the best i could get.

this is the silky green pillowcase i made for my sister, kaylee. the pink monkey ultra soft fleece material is actually just that! material. it's big enough for her to use as a blanket so i left it alone and gave it to her just like that.

this is a fleece pillowcase with a black silky contrast i made for my mom. she specifically requested one. she loves it!

remember when i gave you a sneak peak on my silent auction project? well here it is complete and hanging on my mom's wall.


Melanie said...

Holly!! That clock is so stinkin cute!!!

Did you make a clock or did you buy a clock and fix it up?

alisha said...

So... Why didn't I get a pillow case??? :P Just kidding- I do love what I got! :)

They all turned out very cute!

Eriksgirl said...

Holly, all of that is so cute. The clock is awesome! I want to know the answer to Mel's question too!