Monday, February 2, 2009


yesterday, the babies and i did a project. we made stepping stones. for christmas, from their pre-school, they each received a kit to make the stepping stones. it was a quick project to do and the kids loved it. plus it kept them out from under daddy's feet while he installed our new flat screen!

bossy and i with a putty knife smoothing out the mixture

indyanna getting her mixture just right

final products! (you really can't tell, but at the bottom we wrote their names and the year)

and of course a pic of the new tv. and while you're looking, check out that mantle my uncle handcrafted! it's super nice.

my cousin, cassie, directed me to this website for crocheted kitchen scrubbies made from tulle. so awesome. last night i tried and tried to follow her pattern but failed. however, i did find a pattern in one of my books for a circular drink coaster and i was successful at following that pattern! i used scrap tulle that i had lying around--hence the color change in a random spot!


Danielle said...

The stepping stones look like a lot of fun and that's great that you put their names and date at the bottom. Did you get the big screen up in time for the superbowl?! You have a great family.

alisha said...

I have seen those kits before! They look so cool and totally look fun to do with the kids! VERY cute!

TV looks great too. Not as good as mine though! haha! Same TV!

I finally started my cross stitching again so I can finish it and get to crocheting. You have me itching so bad to crochet!

Cassie J said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet stepping stones!!! Love the flat screen, the mantle and the SCRUBBIE!!!!!