Tuesday, January 6, 2009


day 6 of crocheting. i seem to be doing it all the time now! i take the project everywhere and anytime i am sitting still i work on it. while waiting in line to pick up the kids and then later, bray, from school. while bray was getting his hair cut. while watching tv. while on the potty. guess that's the way to do it if you wanna get it done, right?

btw it's now 19 inches long. oh and if you look at the top of the picture you can see a "sneak peak" of the next sewing project i am working on. i made a list of sewing projects the other day. this is none of them. i should finish it tonight though. then maybe i'll tackle that list. or maybe i'll make a car seat organizer.

this is not sewing related but food related. and to me food needs to be listed as a craft form.

anyways, i want to make sure everyone in the world is aware of these awesome crockpot liners.

they totally rock and make clean up a breeze. i find them on the bottom shelf near the plastic baggies/plastic wrap/aluminum foil at my local walmart.


Melanie said...

I have some of those bags but I NEVER remember to use them until I've dumped everything in.

alisha said...

Looking good! I need to remember to keep my projects like that near the couch for when I do watch something on TV! I always forget!

You really should be ashamed for not telling me about those liners until New Years!

Cassie J said...

Sweet on the liner tip, love me some crock potting and all the better for cleaning up. Idea for Melanie and myself put the liner box in your crock pot while storing and that should remind us to use them!