Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009-01-01 crocheting--a new year's resolution

one of my resolutions for 2009 was to learn to crochet. i need to alter that resolution some since my sister's bff, cerise, taught me to crochet a couple of years ago. she taught me a stitch and with that i worked about a forth of a baby blanket. i'm not for sure why i put it down but i did. after a while, i decided that crocheting was not for me and i gave the unfinished project--hook, yarn and all, to my sister do with as she pleased.

by the way, i had a very similar experience with knitting.

sooooo, all you crocheters and knitters out there......i've tried both. and i don't like either. what's the secret? don't get me wrong. i desperately WANT to love to crochet (or knit). i love everything about both crafts. the yarn. the hooks and needles. the finished garments. but i just do not like to do it. it's boring to me. everyone says you can do it in front of the tv. it's so easy. well, i'll agree it's pretty easy. and i can watch tv while doing it. but it's still boring.

for my first project of the new year, i chose a very simple cowl. i figured it would work up fast and and my confidence would be boosted. i'm hoping that's what will happen. i'm not giving up yet. i'm determined to finish this project even if i'm already having thoughts of giving it all to my sister again. hopefully by the end of the cowl i will want to do another project.

right now i have 4 inches done and i did that in 2 hours. i don't know if that's good time or not. i feel like it is. but then again, i have 21 more inches to go. at this rate i feel like i'll never get it donw. i will not give up. i will not give up. i will not give up! i just hope i don't kill over from boredom first.

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alisha said...

Don't really know what to tell you other than make sure you are actually watching something interesting while you're doing it!

It's looking good so far!