Friday, January 23, 2009

2009-01-23 happy birthday boston

it's my baby's birthday. *sigh* they grow so fast........ i was on the phone with my mom and boston decided to marker his face. i thought that my mom needed to see a picture of this so i took one.

apparently, boston wanted to send memaw another, new and improved picture cause he came back to me smiling looking like this.

at this point i got off of the phone and found and then rehid the highlighter that was used to decorate my child's face. oh! but that didn't deter bossy. as i soon found out--he had a hidden treasure of pens and markers in one of his play bags. i, of course, took them all away and put them up high. but not before he had a chance to do this.

what a birthday face, hu?

on to crafty things.....

here's the baby blanket i'm working on. it will be for my cuz marc and his wife, meredith. they live in california and are expecting a little girl, addison, in may. i'm praying and hoping this will be my first correct, completed crochet project!

and last year i made this dress for indyanna. at the time, i posted a picture of it on my dress form. here it is on indyanna.

and, an twirly action shot!

progress is being made on the ycmt quilt-a-long. i'm working on step 5. the left square is serged together.


alisha said...

Bossy is so hilarious! I've been laughing all day at those pics!

Love Nanny's dress! It does look better on her- and has she just gone through a growth spurt- or is it just the pics that make her suddenly look so much taller???

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket you've started! I really need to get to crocheting again. I want to make some scarves! Blankets too. But I have a cross stitch project I need to finish first!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Oh boy do I remember the days when my kids would come to me looking like that. Lucky for them, I didn't have a digital camera (wait, NO ONE had digital cameras then)~ or I'd have blackmail pictures for life on them all! LOVE the crocheted blanket you're working on. The colors are so pretty!

Cassie J said...

Bossy is the bomb! Love that twirly dress the pic doesn't give the material match up justice!