Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008-12-30 another guitar pillow

well, this one turned out better. not much. but still better. and better is better right?

things i've learned from this project:

1) i need to take some lessons in hand sewing. probably the reason why i hate to hand sew is because i don't know how to do it properly. refer to the following picture for an example of this.

it's bad right? you won't hurt my feelings if you agree. i KNOW it's bad.

2) always, always, ALWAYS, follow directions the first go 'round. after that you can skip steps and make your own alterations/adjustments.

3) i want to learn to crochet. ok, so i really didn't learn that from this project. but i do want to learn how to crochet. that's what my sister's bff, cerise does (right?). and she's the bomb at it. i think i'll put this is on my new year's resolution list.


Blossom said...

What a neat idea for a pillow! I've been hand sewing for years and often I'm still not happy with how it looks. I see other bloggers whose stitches are so perfect and wonder how they do it!

I thin
k you'd like crochet. There are some good "learn to crochet" books and also many free videos on the internet (often people find the videos easier to learn from). I find crochet easier than knitting and very relaxing.

Thanks so much for the link to my blog in your sidebar. I really appreciate it!


alisha said...

Very cute! I don't know the trick to hand sewing either. Sometimes my stuff comes out perfect, and others it's not so great. I think Cerise is a pro at it though. We need to get her to show us!

I personally enjoy crocheting! I am so glad Cerise taught me! It's something easy to do when you are watching a movie. I am going to have her show me a new stitch next time we get together!

Susan said...

I think that came out so cute. The little imperfections make it your own.

I'm a knitter, but never could get the hang of crochet. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll love it!

Cassie J said...

Love both guitar pillows, especially the fabric choices. You got it right I'm by th rules of the pattern until I can't make it work and then I go out on my own. Don't see myself tackling this anytime soon since you had a hard time with it.

Melanie said...

I don't think your hand stitch is that bad. Maybe a different stitch would look better.