Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008-12-24 merry christmas eve (but not for us)

hope everyone is having a wonder christmas eve today. bray is off snowboarding so we are celebrating christmas eve and christmas day saturday and sunday instead of today and tomorrow. btw, after talking to bray and my mom yesterday, i'm under the impression that bray is now a pro snowboarder. shredding up the mountain like nobody's business.

on to the sewing portion of the post.......

before the craft show, i was in such a hurry that i only showed a little snapshot of the craft fair clothes all together hanging by the mantel over the fireplace. they were cute and all but nothing compares to modeling them on a real person!

today, i discovered that i have a little girl that loves to model the clothes i make! she loved every last second of our "runway show" (as she called it).

and i do have to say that the clothes look so much cuter on a person as opposed to a hanger.

so without further ado, miss indyanna and two of my outfits.


alisha said...

Okay she is just TOO cute! And you're right, the outfits are even more adorable on someone! Especially her! Next craft fair, she needs to be there wearing one! People will probably go crazy to have them after seeing how cute they are when worn!

Cassie J said...

Who is the cutest girl in her Christmas gear?? NANNY!!!