Monday, December 29, 2008


*warning* these are scary.

these were made using a patten my aunt let me borrow. the pattern is circa 1975. my intentions were to complete them in time for christmas but that didn't happen. i got tired of them. and i hate hand sewing. the hair has to be cut and hand sewn on. i had already hand sewed on the legs. i was done. the kids like them. boston slept with his last night and has been dragging it around on the scooter this morning. both have asked that i put hair on there dollies though. i don't know.

i'm thinking about telling them they are aliens and aliens don't have hair.


alisha said...

Very cute! They definitely need hair though!

Cassie J said...

The babies look really good. I agree they need hair. Drop them off at Aunt Jawana's for a sleep over and I bet they get hair. My girlfriends daughter Emily brought over her stuffed animals to be stitched up and now she calls me Dr. Cassie. Come up with a good story and drop them off on Woody Road. If G-ma and Aunt Wanna can bind 3 quilts for PD by hand I bet they can hand sew hair in no time!