Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008-12-10 post craft fair

well, i had a blast at the craft fair and i broke even so i'm gonna say it was a success! the "hunk holders" sold like crazy! i'm so glad that i decided to do them--the morning that i was to leave for the fair! nothing like last minute projects. i even had bray working like crazy. he quilted all the "hunk holders". and did a mighty fast and fine job of it too, might i add. just don't tell him i told you. he earned some cha-ching for it so that made it worth his while. you know teenagers.....he has no clue that i snapped this picture. and i'm pretty sure he'd kill me if he knew i posted it! so keep it on the down low!

and here's a shot of our booth. we had a hodge podge of things in there.


Rob said...

You didn't even tell me that Bray was sewing! Go Bray! That's so great that you snapped the pic too! hehe. :)

alisha said...

Uh... I kinda forgot I wasn't signed into my own google account before I commented. Rob didn't say it, I DID! :P

Eriksgirl said...

So cool!! Love it!