Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i made these nap mats for the babies for school this year using this tutorial. you can even download a pdf of the tute from her site! i did make some alterations. instead of having a blanket that only attaches to one side--i made my babies nap mat more sleeping bag like. she suggests velcroing one whole side of the mat so that you can remove the foam when you need to wash it. i skipped that part and just sewed the sucker right on up. foam totally encased. guess what happened when i washed it? nothing major. i hung it to dry. the foam is shaped a little funny in some parts but with a nap or two it should all be back in place.

close up of the pillow section and the bias tape around the top.

all rolled up. buttons used to secure it. (please excuse the hair bunny)

in this photo you can see the strap used to carry them. i really like this type of strap for this project. it's made with fabric covered wide elastic.


alisha said...

Okay- Those turned out really cute! Love the hair bunny.... :P That was funny!

Cassie J said...

They look so snuggly!! Love the fabric choices.