Monday, December 29, 2008

2008-12-29 failed sewing project

or you could call it:

a bad sewing job.
sewing gone wrong.
proof that not following the directions and thinking you know it all will sometimes get you into trouble.


i like to call it a wonky guitar. so there.

it was made from a pattern than my cousin cassie let me borrow. hopefully when she attempts this pattern she will have better luck. i'm sure she will. for the most part, i'm pretty sure she's a rule follower and all.

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alisha said...

Well, I love the fabric, and it definitely has promise, but man that is no fun! I would be SO upset! And even more so to know it was my own fault for not following directions!!! That right there is the kind of project that I catch myself staying up until 4 am trying to fix and breaking down to tears when I finally give in to the failure and realize I have to start all over!