Friday, December 19, 2008


woot! last day of school for the year! that means 2 weeks of sleeping in! YESSSS.

my dad mentioned on monday, that fleece was the "in" thing on the ski slopes for keeping warm. so, since he, mom, kay, and bray are leaving on sunday to go skiing i decided to whip him up a fleece pullover. never made one before. but i knew i had a pattern for one and i knew that i had fleece--so why not try?! i finished it up last night. i am not completely satisfied with the zipper part. i always do a pattern the way it says the first time. the next time i make alterations if needed. well to me this pattern needs some! i will def omit the zipper next time and the pockets. pockets because i'm lazy. zipper because fleece has plenty of give and it can easily be pulled over your head. no need for the zipper! anyways, if dad doesn't like it i will not be offended! it's not perfect and it was made fast. but the next time it will be awesome.

indyanna took the picture.....

i made neck warmers for the skiers out of the fleece scraps. indyanna also took a picture of me modeling one but it's way scary close up to the point where you can see the dirty pores in my face. so i'll wait and get another picture of one being worn by bray and post that.

and here's a picture of boston and indyanna just cause they wanted a picture taken of themselves. but it's all cool--cause i realized i made both of their bottoms.


alisha said...

Okay- that print is SO perfect! I think it looks good! Great job! And the kiddos look super sweet! :) Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Craftcherry said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that looks so freaking comfy. I would agree on the zipper...wouldn't think you would need that. Both the pants and the kiddos are adorable. :o)

Cassie J said...

The hoodie looks great and I agree the fabric choice is cool. It must be something you can only see up close that your not digging.