Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008-12- 27

we did christmas with my mother in law tonight. she came over tonight and we had a nice dinner and then opened some presents.

i made my mil some hunk pillows.

i think she liked them!

we also gave her a tea towel and a matching tea cozie. my gma hand embroidered them and my aunt jawana sewed them.

and my favorite thing of all this holiday season....are these awesome ornaments i made. knowing my mil like i do, before she opened this gift i told her there will be no crying or i'm taking them back. she sucked the tears back but it took every ounce of being she had to do so.


alisha said...

Did I forget to post pics of the hunk pillows I made??? Did I forget to even take pictures of them??? Just thinking out loud here...

Everything is very cute- and the ornaments are just absolutely adorable!!!

Craftcherry said...

Those ornaments are adorable. Do you print on the fabric or where they iron on transfers...that's an awesome idea for presents next year!!

LOVE the hunk pillows what great fabric!!

Cassie J said...

What a lucky MIL she got a lot of handmade gifts, jealous I'am. I'm such a pig.