Sunday, February 8, 2009


whew! this weekend was a long one! friday night was the daddy/daughter dance. here's a picture of the back of indyanna dancing the night away.

then, bright and early saturday morning was boston's birthday party. actually, it was boston and his cousin demi's party! they had a shared party and it was a blast! she turned 5 and he turned 3.

can you guess where the party was held?



and then, of course, today was church day. after church, we went to my aunt's house to visit with my cousin, cassie, and her hubby, wayne. and then off to my parent's house for lunch. mom's the best cook around.

while at mom's house, i finished the dish cloth i've been working on.

and i made a coaster. (actually, the coaster's gonna be a face cloth!)

and finally, i got a blog award from shelly. thank you very much.


alisha said...

That pic of nanny dancing is just great! So cute! Demi LOVED her birthday party and she enjoyed sharing it with Boston too! She thought it was just cool to have a double party!
I don't get the prize???

Dragon's Dolphin said...
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~holly said...

ok, shelly, i'm not for sure how i deleted your comment! but i didn't mean to!!!!!!!!! to answer your question. daddy was right there with her dancing the night away. there was no tv room for the daddy's (thank goodness, cause i can imagine that some daddy's would be in there and that would be really sad) ryan thoroughly enjoyed the entire night and can't wait to go again next year! the only time he was not gettin' down with indyanna was when she was dancing with her friend bella. indyanna was mad and threw a fit when the dance was over. LOL