Saturday, February 14, 2009


bray and indyanna making a valentines cookie bouquet. (boss was running errand's with daddy)

didn't it turn out cute? as soon as boston came home he tore into them!

bray and i also made these big orea kisses. indyanna supervised and took pictures. whoa momma! were they good!!! ryan tore those up!

and for the last few days, i've been watching my daughter become more and more interested in crafts. the other day i caught her with my crochet hook and yarn. with some serious intensity, she was trying to figure out how to do it. i sat down and helped her do a few stitches. she loved it. today, i got out my scrapbooking things and she made some valentines. all. by. herself. scissor cutting and all. i was so impressed. i think she's def got the crafting bug. I AM SO EXCITED! i am already having visions of us sewing her prom dress together!!! (and by the way, she does already sit in my lap and sew)

i know, bad pictures. but here are her completed projects. the white heart on top, i mostly did. but the purple heart and the red heard she did completely by herself. the purple heart was for bray. and the red heart for daddy. the quote on it says, "the first man a girl falls in love with is her daddy"

i got a james avery ring from ryan! it was a total surprise. unfortunately, it's a bit too small. i will be exchanging it on tuesday. can't wait to wear it.


Jennie said...

Those pictures of Indyanna crafting are so cute. And what a cute ring! I got James Avery today too. Brandon gave me a heart necklace. Our hubbies are so sweet!

Teresa Pomerantz said...

I hope my daughters get the crafting bug- lucky mama! I got roses- delivered to my work yesterday.

alisha said...

Love it all! The cookie bouquet was really cute! And it's SEW sweet that nanny is getting into crafting already. Hopefully my girlies will get into it once I have more time to be doing some crafting as well! Hopefully this summer! Go Ryan! Very sweet!

Cerise said...

I remember how much fun it was crafting with my mother. It's awesome that Indyanna is enjoying crafting with you!!

Cerise said...

Oh and I LOVE the cookie bouquet!! What a wonderful V-day craft!