Saturday, June 27, 2009


welp, bray is off to new york. mom and dad and kay are off to the grand canyon. tomorrow my sister, alisha, and her family are off to the beach. why didn't we get the memo that it was vacation week???

tonight we took the kids to watch some fireworks.

they seemed to enjoy it this year as opposed to last year when they would both scream every time one went off. we really had a nice family evening.

i wore this shirt tonight. i chopped off a tank and added some cool knit material i got when my girl, brandy, took me shopping at golden d'or on my birthday this year.

i really like the way it turned out. i'm hoping i don't look preggo in it. or like i'm wearing a maternity shirt. it's really comfy.


Eriksgirl said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shirt!!!!! You did a great job, and it looks great on you!

Where did you go see the fireworks at?

Dragon's Dolphin said...

The shirt looks great. If anyone thought it was a maternity top, phooey on them! If you like it and its comfy, who cares what anyone else thinks????

Cerise said...

Don't worry...I didn't get the memo either. My sister is leaving for Maine on Saturday.
I LOVE that shirt!! What a good idea!

alisha said...

Love the shirt!

Vacation has been AWESOME! Lexi is a little thrill seeking, adrenaline junky already!