Sunday, June 21, 2009


indyanna thought it would be a great idea to make breakfast for daddy this morning.

she scrambled the eggs (and added 4 heaping handfuls of cheese to the eggs)

she buttered the waffles (hopefully none of daddy's arteries got clogged)

she did such a great job. she sure was proud of herself. daddy thought it was delicious. (he was def still asleep when she brought in the breakfast)

in other news, our church sent over 80 kids to sr. camp this year! please be in prayer for traveling mercies and for the Lord to really move in the hearts of the kids this week. (my dad's driving this bus)

and i made this tie skirt for my little sister, kaylee. she really wanted to have it at camp. i finished it this morning. i'm so glad it fit! i think she and i, both, would have been crushed if it didn't fit properly. thank goodness it did. whew.

made these for (follow me here) my sister's mother-in-law to give to her nephew and soon to be wife at their wedding shower. they're pillowcases.


alisha said...

So sweet of Indyanna! She looks so BIG in those pics. Has she been growing recently?

Love the tie skirt! And the pillowcases look perfect to me!

The Gills said...

Indyanna is so cute. That was sweet of her to make such a nice b-fast for her daddy. You missy have been a busy, busy bee spitting out all of these projects. I am jealous! Have a good week.