Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sew, my little girl is a crafty one already. i dare say, i think she will totally pass me up in the crafting arena. last night she got out her supplies: plastic canvas shaped butterfly, plastic canvas shaped flowers, and some sparkle-y goop that came in a kit.

here she is working hard on her creations.

and her finished product. (the butterfly is not finished yet. lots of details, ya know...)

ahhh! summertime! i love it! and so does she. one of my favorite pictures from the splash pad today


Jennie said...

Super cute goggle pic! And excellent glittering on the flower Indyanna!

alisha said...

Okay, where did you get the kit thing for that? SO CUTE! My girls need! :)

Cassie J said...

Super fun pic of Indy's fish eyes!!