Saturday, June 6, 2009


my sister got into townview high school, specifically the school for the talented and gifted. it's the #2 school in the nation. not only did she get into this school, her two best friends, hannah and brittney, did as well! and bonus--another really good friend from church got in too! we're all really excited and proud of them all! we decided to throw them a surprise "NERD" party in their honor last night.

THE NERDS! my sister, kaylee, is the one in the front cheesin' it up with the braces. my other sister, alisha, made the shirts. they say, "i'm dorkier than a box of nerds"

my mom bought little canvas bags and i embroidered on them.

we had the party at hannah's house. i used to do photography and i've done photos of hannah's family several times. they just moved and i was super excited to see that they had a bunch of pictures i took of them hung up in their new house.

in other news. my cousin, brandon, graduated from high school and is off to college this fall. my aunt bought a set of red towels and a set of black towels and asked me to embroider his initials on them. i think they turned out decent. i will say that i learned lots of lessons with this project! 1.) don't ever brag that you've never embroidered your project to itself. cause, sure enough, as soon as you say that--it will happen. 2.) on important gift type projects that you are being supplied the materials, don't bump your machine! even accidentally it's just not a good idea. i did great on the red set and then when it came to the black set i messed up on all three towels and had to go buy a whole 'nother set. refer to lessons i learned above for reasons why.

my oldest, bray, turns 14 in a few days. he's full of teenage hormones and thinking about what he'll get for his first car. today, we found it!

ha! my sister's husband works for little caesars and this his company car. i think it's the coolest thing ever. so cute!


alisha said...

Oh I am TOTALLY cracking up! I completely forgot about you taking pics of the car today! HILARIOUS!

Love the bags for our nerds! And great pic of them!

Really, those towels you did for Brandon are one of my favorites. They just SCREAM college boy. PERFECT. I really love them!

Jennie said...

Wow lots of good stuff happening for the Carmans! All of your projects look really good. I guess I'd better get my orders in now.:-)

Eriksgirl said...

1. The tag party seems like it was awesome! You and Alisha did a great job on your projects!! That is awesome! The girls are so adorable.

2. The towels post, LOL!!!

3. Bray is totally cool enough to pull off that car! LOL!!

4. You need to get back into photography.

Danielle said...

You are really 'on fire' woman! Love everything you are doing right now. Glad you said those towels were red because in the pic they look pink and that might really be hard for an incoming freshman to overcome! Great job. Which aunt btw, I'm guessing JW.