Friday, September 25, 2009


because i am the ultimate procrastinator, i have tons of projects that must be completed TODAY. so you will soon see at least one post of projects soon!

for now, i wanted to share a project my daughter, indyanna, has been working on. she had to turn it in to her teacher today. it was the family project for the month of september, called "all about me inside and out". she had to decorate a manilla folder in any way she wanted that told about her favorite things. she chose four themes, one for each page. i helped with the first two pages. she did the last two pages completely by herself. NO HELP AT ALL! please blow up the pictures to get the full effect!

page one, theme: family

page two, theme: camping

page three, theme: daisy, the dog

page four, theme: scrapbooking


alisha said...

She totally needs to teach her cousins Lexi and Demi how to scrapbook!!!! AWESOME!

Cerise said...

I love page three!! You have quite the scrapbook artist on your hands!!

Jennie said...

very cute!

The Gills said...

Indyanna did a really good job!!

Cassie J said...

Wow!! I love it. Will have to hire Indy for my next scrapbook needs!