Tuesday, September 1, 2009


boston's first day of building blocks this year! (and my cousin jennie's birthday today. happy birthday jennie!)

his class is called the sea crew. so i went with that them for his outfit.

i don't know what was up with the shades. he wouldn't take them off. guess they made his new haircut look good.

boss and bray. (bray got a haircut last night too. i think it looks great)

boston and mrs. tessa, his teacher this year.


Cerise said...

You are the best mom making these cool outfits for your babies. I LOVE the shades, I think they really make the outfit and the hairdo!!

alisha said...

Love the outfit. I am officially feeling the need for an embroidery machine. I've been fighting it off, but man I sew want one!!!
Very cute outfit! And great shades! :P

And the haircuts are great. I REALLY like Bray's hair cut like that. Looks really great on him!

Danielle said...

The outfit is perfect and the model is just way beyond cute! I have to say the sunglasses just complete the whole ensemble. I like the haircuts much better too.
Almost make me want an embroidery module too.

Radka said...

beautiful photos :)) Have a nice day

The Gills said...

Ok that picture of your two boys is just tooo cute!