Thursday, March 5, 2009

my cousin cassie sent me this awesome purse today. i love it so much. she's the best.

she also sent me a really cool card. you can see it on her blog. it's the first one--the bird card! it's adorable.

i haven't really been sewing lately. but i have been cutting out patterns. i've cut out about 6 or so. and now i'm officially ready to start sewing! yay me. very soon i will have lots of things to share.

my sister taught me how to make loopy bows this weekend. not a great picture, but here's one of them.

and here is what i'm working on for my mother in law. i am making it for her birthday. (she and i share the same birthday) we're not getting together until the 15th so it will be done by then! it's going to be a pillow and the flowery material in the picture is the back and edges of the pillow. anyways, i actually embroidered this using my machine! i love my machine!!!!


Teresa Pomerantz said...

I was wondering when you were going to show us something from your new machine- it looks very pretty.

Cassie J said...

Ha, what a fab purse, LOL! Great job on the bows!! I totally forgot you share your b-day with MIL. Your such a nice DIL to make her things. Happy B-DAY Holly Dolly

Holly said...

Cute Purse! Cute bows! Cute thing from your new machine! I may have to make you make me something! LOL!! Happy Birthday!

Danielle said...

You're right that is a way cute purse. I love your pillow case and the embroidery is great. Hope you have a great birthday, girlie.

Melanie said...

That is a cute purse. Can't wait to the finish product of the pillow, I think it will look great.

alisha said...

LOVE that purse!!! And of course, the bow! With MY ribbon as well! :P BTW... I ordered a bunch of ribbon to make some more. Bad me..

Okay, that pillowcase is going to be gorgeous! LOVE the colors. Very rich and just beautiful together. And the embroidering just ties it all together perfectly.

Eriksgirl said...

I love the purse! Love it! Cassie always has the best fabrics, and puts them together so well. What a cool birthday present!

Okay, the pillow case is going to be GORGEOUS. I love the fabrics, and the embroidery truly sets it off perfectly!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

OK HOlly, you cut things out for me, I'll sew them together. That's the part I hate the most.
Didn't realize you were a March birthday folk too. No wonder I like you! Happy Birthday!