Monday, March 9, 2009


yesterday my husband taught our daughter how to climb trees. she LOVES it and has been asking, no begging, me to let her go outside to climb trees this morning.

a wider view so you can tell just how high up she is. daddy had to help her up into the this tree.

this one she can get into on her own

and of course baby brother had to get in on the action. although, once up in the tree, he didn't like it too much and wanted to get down immediately.


Teresa Pomerantz said...

be glad he wanted to get down
I would be scared to :)

Susan said...

I was never good at climbing trees as a kid and was always a bit upset about it! Good for your girl. lol

Eriksgirl said...

So adorable! That girl is fearless!

alisha said...

How sweet! Lexi has been working her way up the smaller trees at the park lately! And Saturday she up and decided to start jumping out of the swing! When it's HIGH too!

Holly said...

I think I would freak out as much as my kids get hurt! LOL!! What a brave girl!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Holly I remember climbing trees when I was your daughter’s age. And I remember jumping out of the swings! Thankfully I grew out of all of that! I can imagine my big amount of tonage jumping out of a swing or attempting to climb a tree! Oh wait, I can barel climb steps, let alone trees! LOL