Tuesday, October 7, 2008


finally, after almost 2 months of not having my camera--due to indyanna dropping and breaking it and then it being in the shop to get fixed--i finally got my camera back yesterday! of course it came AFTER we got home from the state fair. so no fair pics except for the ones on my phone.

on to what i've been up to in the last coupla months!

this is bossy's first day of school outfit. i didn't get it actually finished for the first day of school. so really it's was boston's second day of school outfit. and yes it's wrinkled. get over it! (i left it in the dryer a little too long after i washed it and i haven't ironed it yet)

next is a dress i made for a craft fair my cousin, cassie, and i are doing in dec. a couple of other family members are contributing things to sell at the fair as well. like my aunt, and both sisters! i can't wait. but i have mucho sewing to do.

indyanna's first day of school outfit is in the washer right now. when i gets done washing and drying i will post a pic of it as well.

p.s. it's good to have my camera back!


Cassie J said...

Love both Boston's 2nd day of school outfit and the dress for the craft fair! Awesome work. Loving the bowling shirt big time! Thinking if you made it with college fabric for the accents could be a big hit.

Craftcherry said...

I love that dress!! What great fabric and such a cute pattern. Some girl is going to be very lucky to get that!! The 2nd day of school outfit is adorable.

alisha said...

Okay... Great work! Love the bowling shirt! It really turned out good. And I think Cassie is right- doing it in some Longhorns fabric would be FABULOUS! I just might have to do some... I need to get on some sewing again tonight!

Oh... And love the flouncy dress too! The fabrics you used are fantastic! I really really like it. Did you make your own bias tape on that one? It looks great, but I just don't want to take the time to do that part. How long did it take you- I know you aren't big on stuff like that either (like quilts).

Hurry and post Nanny's dress!!

Danielle said...

I have to say I feel like I have missed so much being gone for two months. You and Alisha both have been busy bees. I love your projects and I have to say I think you get more creative and better with each adventure. Do you have any handbags for your craft fair yet? Just thinking of something I might could help out with if you are interested....