Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008-10-14 (tj's 1st birthday! AND lyndon's actual BIRTHday!)

first of all, an explanation of my title. it's my nephew's 1st birthday today! and my sister's BFF, cerise, is currently laboring and we're praying for a safe arrival of baby lyndon today.

ok, so here is a dress i finished today. yes, i've used this material already. i just think it's so cute and will hopefully be a hit at the craft fair.

and the back. i'm thinking of making a pair of pants to match.

**UPDATE** lyndon arrived on tuesday! i'm sure cerise will have pics up as soon as she gets around to it. (i've seen a couple of pics and wooooo is he cute!)


alisha said...

How funny! You're title is almost the same as mine on the post I just did! :)

Love the dress. I think it would be even cuter with pants too! I'm imagining that fabric on the yolk of the dress on some pants... I am a big fan of that fabric. Surely it will be a hit at the fair!

GO CERISE! COME ON LYNDON!!! And of course, Happy Birthday to my TJ!

Eriksgirl said...

Love that dress. The pants would be cute to go with it, athough it is adorable on it's own.

So, did Lyndon come???

Holly said...

Love the dress!! Is Lyndon here?