Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012-05-02 juicing day 3 of 10

current fad: juicing! (a la fat, sick, and nearly dead movie) (i watched it on netflix)

mission: to only drink juice from organic fruits and veggies for 10 days.

starting weight 4/30/12: 137.4

day 3 weight: 133.6

fruits and veggies cost: $70.72
IF all the fruits and veggies were gone from being eaten (which they are not) that amount would come out to be about $23 dollars a day or $7.85-ish a meal based on 3 meals a day.  however, i have plenty of fruits and veggies for tomorrow and friday and probably saturday as well.  so the daily average amount spent will go down drastically.

pros:  i've lost 4 lbs!  i've done 3 days of juicing and i haven't gone insane yet.

cons:  still have a raw mouth.  kale is gross juiced.  but i have 3 bunches of it and i'm determined to juice it.  still have a lack of energy,  couldn't even do 2 miles this morning.  i'm such a loser and quit at 1.88 miles.  i walked back home.  come on energy, where are you?

other cons that could but are probably not related to juicing:  upper back has been killing me.  i really do think it's from the actual physical act of juicing not from drinking the juice.

juice 1:  (1/4 cuke, 2 apples, 2 stalks of celery) taste like apple juice

juice 2:  (tomato, celery, 1/2 cuke, lime)  the lime separated from the tomato.  i stirred and drank.  it was good

juice 3:  (2 apples, 4 kale leaves, 4 springs of parsley, 6 carrots)

it was at this point that i started dreaming about mexican food.  really cheese chili relleno.  rice.  chips and salsa.  my mouth was watering.  i wanted to give up.  i had decided at one point to quit tomorrow.  i mean, three days is good right?!  i have decided to eat out of with my husband on friday night.  i can't wait.

juice 4:  (4 kale leaves, 2 apple, 1 orange, some blueberries, banana)  

i'm kinda over juice right now.  i like the weight loss so i'm sticking with it.  however, i am really over drinking the juice.  i want to chew food.  i want spaghetti.  mexican food.  bread.  i thought the cravings would be gone by now but they are worse than ever.  i am the type of person that puts things out on facebook because i know people see it and that's my way of being held accountable.  so i know i will stick with this because i hate failing at things, especially when others know about it.  but, i'm not gonna lie, THIS.IS.HARD.

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