Friday, April 9, 2010


welp, daily, my bernina, had to go to the shop. she was making a weird noise and i didn't want to risk sewing on her and damaging her more. hopefully i will have her back in a week or two. for now, my serger will get lots of love.

sine i don't have anything sewing related to talk about, i'll just spit out some random things that have been going on around here. i'm sure if you live on facebook, as i do, you know most of this already.

boss and i made our second trip to after hours emergency care. this time with an allergic reaction! he has pretty bad allergies so we are thinking it was just from the pollen in the air....who really knows what it was though? it's happened a few times before but this time was the worst. his eye pretty much completely closed. this pic is 2 hours after claritin.

my girl brandy had her baby, aria, this past monday. and she is just PRECIOUS! we caught her in mid-yawn. being a baby is just soooo tiring, you know?

i went to a couple of yard sales and got a bunch of stuff. all this for only $12!

indyanna's birthday was this past saturday and we had a party for her at a gymnasium. bray had THE MOST fun out of all of the 6 year old kids in attendance!

and finally, indyanna lost her FIRST tooth tonight!


alisha said...

Love it all!!!

Jennie said...

Poor Boston, I have looked like that a few times too. No fun! Thanks for posting all the pics.So what is the going rate from the tooth fairy these days?

~holly said...

she got $1.50 in quarters.

Cerise said...

Poor Boston!! He looks like he's been in a fight. :o(
Love the deals you got garage sale shopping!

Holly said...

Poor Boston!! Glad Indyanna had a good birthday!