Sunday, April 4, 2010


indyanna's easter dress! made using natalie's dress pattern from ycmt. super duper easy pattern! and love the end results!

and of course, this is boston's take on easter with a mohawk ;D


Holly said...

Love it!!

alisha said...

Love Nan's dress. I can't believe I just realized I never saw the back of it yesterday! Super cute. Was it a fast sew at all?

My nephew is HILARIOUS!

Cerise said...

She looks adorable! Love that dress.

Gotta love your son's take on a mohawk too. Too cute!

Cassie J said...

Good job on Indy's dress very cute. Like her big yellow hair accessory too. That Boston can sport a mohawk with the best of them. Love that face he is making in the 2nd picture.