Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i finished up boston's robe last night. it was supposed to be for christmas but i forgot! oops. oh well. he loves his robe and hasn't taken it off since i gave it to him. oh ya. he's in that stage where smile = show teeth. little stinker

and this is my mom who has an obsession with scarves. in our family auction my mom bid on and won all the scarves that there were to be had! she got a crocheted scarf and a couple of fleece one's that my sister made. a WAY cool scarf that my cousin jennie made. it's the black and white one.


alisha said...

Love the robe! I guess you decided not to wait for his birthday, huh?!

Love the pic of mom with the scarves! I took one too and was going to post it, but mine was all blurry!

Cerise said...

Very cute robe and VERY cute smile!

Love the picture of your mother with all the scarves!

Danielle said...

What a great robe! He looks so comfortable. And what a goofy pic of my sister with all those scarves! Is she afraid of the cold or what? Great work by everyone.

Cassie J said...

Supercute is what Bossy is with his toothy gring! Man he's handsome! Way to go Mom on the robe, it's way cool! Love the pic of Telia in scarves, I caught kodak moment too! Which reminds me I didn't post the pics I took from our family gathering that day. Maybe tomorrow?

The Gills said...

I can get you our itenerary if you do really want it. I made sure to note what we did each day while we were here so that when I scrapbook it 3 years from now, I'll actually remember. lol.