Sunday, December 27, 2009


lots of things to share.

robes i made for demi, lexi, and indyanna.

cousin cassie made these scarves for the girls.

sissy alisha made these cute pants

alisha and i made these art caddies for the kids.

and check out my super cool scarf alisha crocheted for me! (look at how tj is looking at his auntie holly. he loves me so much)

i made this casserole carrier (needs dowel rods in the slots)

look at mommy's special christmas present to indyanna...!!


alisha said...

I didn't know that Cassie made the scarves for the girls! :) So sweet! Love it all! Every bit! My girls need sewing machines!

Danielle said...

Wow, you guys had a great Christmas! Love all the wonderful home made items. Have to say my favorite part of the post though is that Indyanna now has a sewing machine of her very own! Does it work like a real one?

Cerise said...

Yep...I am LOVING the art caddies...and the robes and scarves and did you family want to adopt another sister. I come with a nice husband and adorable kid. I promise I would fit right in! ;o)

That is SO awesome that Indyanna got her own machine!

Cassie J said...

Wowzer so many goodies!!! Love the colorful choices on the robes, pants and caddies! Loving the casserole carrier. Can't wait to see what Indyanna makes with her new sewing machine!!

Deborah said...

Your whole family is so talented! You are so blessed. Are you still learning to crochet?