Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i made indyanna a thanksgiving shirt. i used the kyoko pattern by modkids. in this picture she is wearing the obi a bit too low. oh well.

made this robe for tj's birthday present. i embroidered "T-Buddy" on the back of it!

and this is yet another name pillow i made for a birthday present.


Danielle said...

Those are all really cute, Holly! I love Indyanna's outfit! Very fashionable as usual. Don't know how you fit it all in with your schedule.

alisha said...

Love Indyanna's shirt! The pants are really cute too, actually!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, TJ's robe! BTW... Rob gave it a HUGE stamp of approval also!

Cute pillow, as usual! I need to make one for this Saturday!

BTW... Your bar on the side is still not wanting to update for Cerise. The last 5 times she's posted, it's only shown she's posted once. Stupid bar! Anyways- check it out!


~holly said...
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~holly said...

GLEETINGS and good morning

oh ya. i made those pants too. she wore them last year too the christmas program.

~holly said...

ok, that stinks about cerise's not updating. i have deleted everyone and then readded them. like 3 times now. i'm not doing it again. guess i'll just check homegirls page daily! geeeeeeeeez

Cassie J said...

Indy and the outfit are ADORABLE. I'm really liking the pillow with the letters on black! And TJ is such a cutie and the rob looks great, wish we could see the embrodiery part. Speaking of embrodiery, I have my 1st lesson this Saturday, I'm so excited! Sew I'm thinking I need to borrow the letter pillow pattern and I'm thinking you need to bring the kyko pattern at Thanksgiving.

P.S. I love Indy's pant too, what pattern is that?

P.S.S. Thanks for turning me on to swedish tracing paper, have used it a couple of times recently and love it!!!!

Jennie said...

Love Indyanna's shirt

Cerise said...

I LOVE it all! That shirt is just adorable...love the dress version too. What a cute pattern!

Sorry my blog is being such a pain! I wish I knew what was going on with that.

Joe Corbati said...

What skill ! You're really talented.