Thursday, November 12, 2009


the babies and i made a leaf wreath today. we got the idea from my sister, who did this project with her kiddos. i love the way it turned out. it looks GREAT!

gluing leaves to cardboard "wreath"

finished project!


Cerise said...

WOW! That turned out fantastic! Looks like the kids had a ton of fun making it too!

alisha said...

Gorgeous! I love how big it is! I cut out cardboard to do more earlier in the week but we haven't had a chance yet. I think we will tonight!

Danielle said...

Wish we had some pretty leaves to make something for our house too. How do you feel about sand art?! lol Really enjoy seeing everyone's leaf art.

Cassie J said...

LOVE IT! I need one of these, but I'm like PD not seeing many leaves around, maybe I'm not looking in the right places :-)