Friday, May 15, 2009


whipped out this cute little project for tomorrow's ASG meeting. it's a place mat holder thingy. you could put sewing notions in it when you go to sewing class. or use it for jewelry. or for little girl's hair clips and ponytail holders. or use it for whatever your heart desires! seriously super duper easy and fast.

*ya. the wording is crooked. and i could have used a flashier place mat. but it's 11pm the night before i need to teach this project. and today was one of those go go go days. except this time with the kids. (usually i save the go go go days for when the two babies are in preschool) anyways, walmart. joann's. home. lunch. laundry. put kids down for nap. pick biggest kid up from school. take two of his friends home from school. dinner. soccer game. back to there. i'm tired. cut a girl some slack


alisha said...

Okay. That is WAY cool!

Cerise said...

WOW! I don't think I would have been able to finish anything after being that busy! That is a super cute idea!
I got all the fabric at the Walmart on Marsh and Frankford. Alisha told me about it when it was 50% off...and I only just made it there!! I guess is paid off!