Sunday, May 10, 2009

2009-05-10 mother's day!

i love my new shirt! kellie at the bernina shop helped me with it. she's the bomb. it's the juliet tunic from serendipity studio. it really wasn't that hard to make. i'm actually gonna cut out another one tonight! i--no, make that kellie-- did make a few adjustments though. she added an inch to the bodice length and an inch to the bodice width. the next go 'round, i will be adding another inch to the length. as you can see in the following picture the ruffle under the bust sticks out. the ruffle is supposed to lie flat. it sticks out 'cause of where it hits. i still love this shirt and i def will still be wearing it--i just want to improve on it and get those dang ruffles flat!

on with the pics.....

guess what? there's a zipper back there. what? you can't see it? that's cause it's an invisible zipper. ya. that was also an invisible pat on the back to myself.

and a mother's day picture with my kiddos. aren't we a sight? i love this picture.


Eriksgirl said...

Oh I love your Mother's Day picture. How beautiful! You need to frame that one up!

I didn't even think to take one.

BTW, YOUR SHIRT ROCKS!!! I will give you an invisible high five for the zipper, and wow! It is great!!!

alisha said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day picture! You definitely need to frame that one! I wish I had thought to take one also!

Love the shirt also! The zipper part it awesome! And you look great in the shirt also! Very cute!

Danielle said...

Have to say I love that shirt even though I was skeptical in the beginning! :) That is a really good pic of you and the kiddos. You are really blessed.

Cerise said...

1st...I LOVE that picture of you and the kids!! We tried to get a decent picture...but Lyndon was to busy trying to eat my necklace!

2nd...your shirt is beautiful! It's so nice when you get to make stuff for yourself!

Cassie J said...

Loving the shirt, the pic doesn't do the fabric justice, the fabric is beautiful linen. Super cute Momma's day pic, I recognize that scenery...ahhhhh home :-)

Love your invisible pat on the back and Brandy's invisible high five, funny girls.

Very impressive on the invisible zipper!!!!