Friday, April 3, 2009

2009-04-03 indyanna's birthday!

today is my daughter's 5th birthday. she is just getting so big. i can't believe how times flies!!!!!!!!!!!

she loves make clothes for her dolls. she uses scrap material and ties it around her dolls to make the clothes. if the material is too little to tie, she will use string or ribbon to keep it in place. here is one of her creations. isn't it cool? done all by herself!

i also want to share a hair style i did on her this week. well, just the back of it. i thought it was cool.

and here's the birthday girl in her birthday dress! i worked really hard on this dress and i am happy with the way it turned out. i think i will make some crisp white capri's to go under the dress.

and here is a close up of the bodice. in case you can't tell, because the horrible picture, i embroidered "indyanna" and a flower on it.

(you can click on any of the pictures to blow them up)


Eriksgirl said...

Oh Holly. Oh Holly!! That dress is AMAZING!!! And she looks so cute!

And btw, Indyanna is so going to be crafty. My goodness she did a great job with the scraps. Wow, what a smarty she is!!

Happy Birthday Precious Girl!!!

alisha said...

Okay- she is definitely good at the designing!

Love the rockstar hair!

And that dress is AWESOME!!! She looks like a doll! Absolutely love it!

Happy Birthday to Nanny! Happy Birthday to Nanny! Happy Birthday to my sweet Niece-Nanny! Happy Birthday to You!

Cerise said...

What a beautiful outfit your daughter made!! The one you made isn't to shabby either!

Cassie J said...

Love the dress and the colors in the fabric. Looks like b-day girl likes it too! Also took a look at your "plan of attack" Looks like lots of fun, don't you wish we could stop time so we could complete our to do list!!!

Holly said...

Love Love Love the dress!! SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Nanny!!!

Danielle said...

It's no big surprise where Indyanna gets her creativity from! That is a really cute dress and I am so jealous of your embroidery module. Can't wait to see it in action myself. Way to go family.