Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008-08-15 boss jumper & nan dress

not pictured is a pair of boxers for bray. he would be mortified if i posted them. he'll prolly be mortified that i even mentioned it.

bossy jumper--which is to short in the stride so it's now the tj jumper

nanny's new dress. front and back


alisha said...

TJ WANTS HIS OUTFIT NOW! So cute! And my girls really need some dresses like that one of Nanny's!

Where's your skirt?

Craftcherry said...

It's a mother's job to mortify her least that's what my mother always seemed to think!
Cute outfits! That dress is gorgeous!

Holly said...

HOLLY!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MAKE!!!!!! Please teach me!! Please!!!