Tuesday, June 15, 2010


*adding to this list as needed*
summer to do list:

1. finish pillowcase dress for arella

2. make claire cami dress

3. make stella strip skirt

4. find a great pattern to make boy's button down shirts from and then make one for boston

5. make something absolutely adorable for indyanna out of some awesome tie-dye, batik looking fabric.

6. make curtains for my bedroom

7. make shower curtain for master bath

8. recover the car seats. (cut out)

9. ironing board cover


Cassie J said...

are you looking for a traditional button down shirt for Bossy like the bowling shirts? If so one of the sewing mags had one they recommended I could pull for you. If so email me because I don't get to check blogs as often lately.

alisha said...

It's been too long! Make something and post some pics! :P

BTW... Like that dress and skirt you plan to make!

Cerise said...

Can't wait to see the Claire Cami dress...Looks like such a cute pattern!

Danielle said...

I think that is a great dress and still am in awe of how you guys upcycle so many cute things! Summer isn't over yet, you still have time to get to those projects. What else you going to do in the heat?