Wednesday, August 19, 2009


school is approaching fast, hu? we've been school uniform & supply shopping, gotten bray a school physical so he can play football this year, *side note--please pray for him. he's never played before. but also please pray for me. i'm so nervous i feel like i'm gonna 'up' every time we talk about it* and we've taken care of the stinky-it's-not-fair-but-we-have-to-do-it-anyways school hair cut too!

coupla pics of bray before

here, his shoulders aren't squinched up so you can really see how long it was

and after the hair cut!

indyanna and boston are ready for school too. my little girl will be in full day kindergarten. ok, i seriously just choked up a little when i typed that. ugh. how am i gonna survive? better yet, how am i gonna survive all day with just boston? have you ever met boston? he's gonna keep me busy! i think there's gonna be some serious sadness when these two realize they won't be with each other all day long...

playing dress up last week together

and finally i finished my new purse. and i TOTALLY LOVE it. between this purse and grandma's wallet, i did learn a lesson. ready for my lesson learned? i hate bias tape. there you go. lesson learned. (btw, gma's wallet still isn't' complete. think aunt jawana will have to finish it for me)


alisha said...

I cannot believe you just posted a picture of Boston in a dress for the world to see! Shame on you! Those are supposed to be reserved for black mail when they're older!!!!

I do LOVE the purse! I also really like Bias tape though... Maybe I shouldn't try making a purse with that pattern. I don't want to harm my relationship with the bias! :P

Eriksgirl said...

Love the purse!

The pics are too cute!

Danielle said...

Love, love, love that fabric! I have never worked with bias tape but more because the stuff is intimidating to me more than anything else. I think the bag came out great. Be sure to tell Brayden that my boyfriend in 1981 had that exact same haircut!

Decah said...

Hard to believe it is time for school to start up once again. I hope Brayden really enjoys the football and you survive too! Take a deep breath and relax meanwhile we will pray for both of you.
Sounds like Boston will keep you busy while the other two are in school.
A purse and wallet........humm you are becoming quite the seamstress. How do you fit all of that in with 3 kids and a husband???

Cassie J said...

Luv the pics of the kiddos, can't wait to cheer on Bray this year in football, and prayers for you and him. :-) Can't wait to hear about Indy's first day at Kindergarten!! Love the purse, super cute! For the record I love bias tape use it a lot and find it great for a finished look the few times I don't love it is when you have to use it on a curve which it looks like you might have on this project. P.S. I'm so laughing that you are taking the wallet to my Mom, reminds me of the purse wallet you and Kaylee started. Sorry it's funny :-) At least you attempt these type patterns I won't even go near them.